Our company name “zeroinon” was coined from the English idiom “zero in on” (to concentrate, to focus on). DX and other IT-based social infrastructures are now essential, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we aim to build social infrastructures that integrate the real and the virtual. The name implies our special focus on building social infrastructures for the coming xR society.

Our goal is to use digital technology to realize a social infrastructure that will enable the next generation of seniors to maintain their financial and social incentives through their work, while utilizing their time and knowledge, in the coming decades as the Generation Xers who created the digital society become older.

We believe that such a social infrastructure will be useful not only for the next generation of elders, but also for people of all generations who seek diversity in the way they live and work, as a foundation that allows them to manage their own time and continue to work at their favorite jobs for a long time, regardless of age, gender, or location.

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Work Style Exploration Vol. 7" is now available on NOTE

CoMADO Wins DAAX Good Experience Design Award 2024

"Workstyle Exploration Vol. 6" is now available on NOTE

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